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Prioritising children is prioritising Africa

We’ve all heard the saying ‘children are the future’ or ‘invest in the younger generation’, well those sayings are right. When adults grow old, it’s up to the next generation to be a part of Africa’s transformation. Instilling good values, developing key skills and building their knowledge of the word of God as well as their academics is paramount.

As a charity we are working towards increasing the number of children in schools who are receiving a good education. From donating resources like laptops and fundraising for solar panels to power classrooms, we are on a mission for educational change.

We started in 2019, in a small community in Mobai, Sierra Leone, providing classrooms with laptops and computers, bookbags, uniforms, funds for more resources and teacher training. Then we carried on in 2021, in Warri, Nigeria, collaborating with another organisation called Clever Minds Foundation. Together we raised funds to build classrooms for orphaned children and kids from low-income families. Now, our trustees deliver monthly talks and workshops with the children, preaching the gospel to them, in hopes that they will not depart from the gospel (Proverbs 22:6).

The word of God continues to be our guide in all that we do, including our prioritisation of children. We are told in Psalms 127 that ‘Children are the heritage of the Lord’ and ‘offspring a reward from God’. With that in mind, we assume our position as a charity that puts children at the forefront working towards changing their lives for the better. Then in the future, all they have learned, skills they have developed and the education they have received can change their world and others. Through investing in children, we can invest in the future of Africa.

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Charity Number: 1189092

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