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How We Fund Projects

Governing Principles: About Us

GSA will not work independently or assume sole leadership for the indigenous churches, missionaries and projects we assist, rather we seek to work in partnership with local communities and leaders, empowering their own development and growth.

It is GSA’s theological conviction that the mission partners and churches we will support are fellowships of like-minded believers seeking to fulfil the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20). We do not intend to have any ecclesiastical authority over local congregations, but will only be willing to partner with those holding firm to an orthodox Christian statement of faith.

Our main concern in the selection and support of Christian mission partners and churches is that their godliness, doctrine and zeal aligns with GSA. GSA trustees will confer with leadership members of indigenous churches, prior to confirmation of our partnership and support with individuals or groups.

Our main concerns in the selection and support of particular projects and fundraising goals include the impact, maintenance and sustainability of the project. GSA will consider if the strategies proposed are the best ways to achieve the end goals, the extent to which many people are served, and how effectively it will support future sustainable development.

GSA will provide funding for individual projects, missions support or indigenous church assistance as necessary according to predetermined periods of time, costs, outcomes and objectives. Following this GSA will re-evaluate its capacity to support.

Accountability is a priority in the support GSA provides. We will work in partnership with churches and organisations, requiring clear and regular feedback from our partners in the field.

GSA will work with community leaders, indigenous churches and their elders to determine the financial support required for each project we support. GSA trustees will consider guidance from community leaders, time and commitment requirements, and average incomes in individual countries.

Governing Principles: FAQ
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