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GSA's work changes lives

We are making sure communities in Africa have the resources they need to sustain themselves in the future. In an unreliable socio-economic climate, having the necessary skills and equipment can go a long way. We are there for the long run.

More than a third of the African population (464 million) lives in extreme poverty (UNCTAD, 2021). From experiencing poverty, poor delivery of education, lack of jobs, and low health standards, we know these communities in Africa need our help. While we cannot prevent these problems they may face, GSA can ensure that the families and small towns we support experience a different future. A better one.

How we do this:

We work with people

We work within the communities and for the communities, providing what is needed can be maintained long-term. Building a water fountain within close proximity to the school for St Michael's School has given them access to clean water and allowed families to prioritise education first. Instead of walking miles to get clean water and then being late or unable to go to school, children can now go to the nearby water source and make it to school in time. Now they can use that clean water to develop their hygiene practices, prioritise education, and use the water for crops to sell and feed homes. This impact is long-lasting and sustainable.

We enable people with valuable knowledge

Unfortunately, only 1.9% of 1.4 billion people in Africa are evangelical Christians (Centre for the Study of Global Christianity, 2016). Through teaching the gospel to the community in Mobai, Sierra Leone, we encouraged a hunger for faith and a desire to be saved. We believe the Word of God is 'the final authority' in all matters and should be used as governance. In passing on this belief we have encourage the Mobai community to spread the gospel, as a result increasing the number of Evangelical Christians in their community and as a whole. We also taught and developed community Christian leaders to share their developed knowledge with the rest of the community. They will then be able to share their expertise with others. We also provided three schools with academic books and resources including computers to help them further their education. knowledge is power and using it well can effect long-term, sustainable change.

We provide technology and resources

Technology is one of the best tools needed to combat some socio-economic problems, especially in the face of uncertainty. We have been able to (through your donations and funding) provide computers, solar panels, laptops, and agricultural tools to the community in Mobai, Sierra Leone. The agricultural tools in particular have been able to have a sustainable domino impact within the community. With unemployment growing and 4.2 million Africans pushed into unemployment, the agricultural tools provided can help to contribute to a reduction of the unemployment figure in at least one community, Mobia.

One of which is the Cassava processing machine which has helped the community do the following:

- Sell grounded cassava for money and raise money for the community and school projects

- The money raised has provided funds to maintain school furniture

- Ability to pay support staff who are not paid by the government

- Buy stationery for staff and students.

- Provide employment and volunteer work for people looking to develop their skills

These resources have given this community in Sierra Leone a

spider web of solutions and sustainable opportunities.

We can help to change people's lives through GSA – today, tomorrow, and long into the future. With your support, we can do so much more.


Changing hearts. Creating Opportunities. Help Africa's poorest communities pull themselves out of poverty and spread the Gospel.


Follow us on our social media to keep up to date with what we are doing and information on how you can help: Twitter & Instagram

Charity Number: 1189092

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