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Coronavirus in Africa: What we have done so far

In Sierra Leone The impact of the Coronavirus has been grave and countries all over the world have experienced the hardship of managing the spread of this virus. In unison, governments have worked towards containing, caring, and protecting their citizens. In some developed countries, this has been easy, but for countries like Sierra Leone, this has been difficult.

The facts are: - In the first few months of the outbreak, the Coronavirus cases tripled. - In the village of Mobai, there are less than 10 medical staff serving a community of 600 households. - There is limited access to food in the community and hundreds of families are at continual risk of infection.

What we have done so far Throughout 2020, we have been able to support 600 households during the government lockdowns. Thus far GSA has donated:

- 50 Hand Washing buckets - 400 Face Masks - Hand sanitizer and soap - 2000kg of rice - Other essential foods

We can do more with your help!

The pandemic is not over.

Though the rate of spreading has reduced, the presence of cases in Sierra Leone is still prevalent. As we know, the outbreak has been going on for more than a year and could go on for many more months. Further lockdowns and poor medical facilities could lead to a loss of all income, lack of food, and mass death through the spreading. We want to continue to raise funds to supply essential foods, PPE, and sanitation equipment with the aim of sustaining Mobai for the next few months of this ongoing pandemic.

Where you come in: You can help us continue to support and sustain Sierra Leone in 2 ways:

- Donate - By donating you will be giving the people of Mobai a fighting chance to survive these uncertain times. - Share - We also understand that not everyone will be able to give at this time and so you can also help us by sharing this message with your friends and family.

Follow us on our social media to keep up to date with what we are doing and information on how you can help: Twitter & Instagram


Website: Charity Number: 1189092

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