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500 Reading Children – International Children’s Book Day Campaign

This month, we are launching a campaign to get more children in Africa reading.

Providing children in Africa with the opportunity to learn, read, and write, allows them to develop academically and explore wider future options. Especially on the grander scale, aligning with our mission, which is to sustain Africa, by God’s grace and with your help. To sustain Africa, we need to begin developing the younger generation so that they can secure the future of Africa and have an impact.

This campaign encourages our supporters, donors, and welcomed audiences to either donate money or children’s books to schools we are supporting in Africa. Whilst our deadline for book donation cut-off date is April 2nd, 2022, we will continue to receive financial donations to contribute towards buying more books. The financial donations will later be given to the school in Warri, Nigeria, and Mobai, Sierra Leone for the buying of more academic resources, training for teachers, and supplies for their classrooms.

How to get involved in our Campaign:

Donated children’s books can be used but in good condition or brand new. Alternatively, Amazon vouchers can be purchased, and we can use the vouchers to buy children’s books on your behalf.

Lastly, money can be donated here:

Join us, this month to get 500 children reading, and invest in the young minds of Africa.

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