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Strengthening Gospel Ministry In South Africa

Poverty and unemployment.

Extremely common in South Africa's small towns and rural communities. And Christians living in such regions are also affected. That is why many small churches in the region struggle to support gospel ministry. Many people and potential pastors move to larger cities seeking financially sustainable work.

Pastor Sechaba (Middle) with GSA Trustee Pastor Wale Akinrogunde (Right) and Pastor Isaac of Emmasdale Baptist Church in Zambia(Left)

But not Pastor Sechaba Legoete. Pastor Sechaba has served as a local church minister in a small town called Baberton for over 10 years. After his seminary degree and pastoral training, he was determined to reach the often overlooked rural communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Since 50% of Africans live in rural communities rather than cities, we at GSA share his passion.

We are pleased to have donated to Baberton Community Baptist Church to support its gospel ministry. Our gift will strengthen their ministry for the next 12 months.

The Church currently sees four opportunities:

  1. To strengthen Baberton Community Baptist Church spiritually and numerically.

  2. To reach the local township with the gospel, conducting counselling sessions, visits, marriages, funerals and evangelising.

  3. Protect the church from the widespread influence of false teachings and contend for gospel truth in the municipality.

  4. Grow to plant other churches that teach salvation through Jesus Christ

By the grace of God, our support will help them succeed in achieving these goals. This would not have been possible without the generosity of our donors, past and present. We especially would like to thank Hackney Evangelical Reformed Church for their support.

Please pray for us as we continue to strengthen gospel ministry in Africa!

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