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Voluntary Fundraisers: The backbone of charity work

Voluntary Fundraisers are a crucial part of fundraising and provide effective support in charitable giving.

Being a voluntary fundraiser is a great way to get involved and support a cause that's close to your heart. From encouraging your community to donate money to organising events, voluntary fundraisers play an essential role in making sure charity fundraising goals are met. They also play a part in educating several communities about a specific cause and the value in donating and supporting that cause,

It is a flexible role that can work around other commitments and needs.

We need more Voluntary Fundraisers at Grace Sustains Africa to help us continue to meet our fundraising goals, change lives and bring God to the heart of communities.

If you are interested in joining our voluntary fundraising team, please email us at

We need your help.

To find out more about our current fundraising campaign for Clever Minds Educational Foundation, click here.

Donate to improve 250 lives.

We also understand that not everyone will be able to give at this time and so you can also help us by sharing this blog with your friends and family.

Follow us on our social media to keep up to date with what we are doing and information on how you can help: Twitter & Instagram


Website: Number: 1189092

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